Mobilizing Your Employee Brand

December 16, 2020

Providing a great employee experience builds your organization’s reputation as a great place to work. This doesn’t just happen with good PR: it takes a consistent experience over time, starting with effective onboarding then continuing with regular two-way performance management conversations and regular efforts to measure and improve employee satisfaction. 

In her HR Virtual Summit 2020 keynote, Amy Frampton, head of marketing at BambooHR, explores several aspects of improving the employee experience with examples from BambooHR customers. 

Making these efforts to create a great employee experience builds a foundation for building a workplace culture that helps employees develop skills that will serve them well—both in their work roles and in their role as family members, friends, and community members. It’s hard to find a better recommendation than life-changing, and focusing on the employee experience can lead satisfied employees to send that message to potential hires.  

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Amy Frampton
Head of Marketing

As head of marketing at BambooHR, Amy focuses on creating compelling marketing experiences with the product, people, and brand together. Amy joined BambooHR in April 2020, bringing with her almost 20 years of marketing and leadership experience at several companies including Smartsheet, Microsoft, HPE, and Vulcan.