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Articles by Amy Frampton

As head of marketing at BambooHR, Amy focuses on creating compelling marketing experiences with the product, people, and brand together. Amy joined BambooHR in April 2020, bringing with her almost 20 years of marketing and leadership experience at several companies including Smartsheet, Microsoft, HPE, and Vulcan.
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2021 has been the year of adapting. We juggled hybrid work models, navigated masks and vaccines in the office, and figured out a plethora of other messes following The Year That Will Not Be Named.
A strong employer brand not only helps you attract and retain the qualified talent needed to better serve your customers, but also makes your overall brand more attractive to consumers themselves.
See how BambooHR helped Karen Mitchener bring her company into the 21st century with easy-to-use Time Tracking, Onboarding, and Offboarding.
Onboarding 5 min
When you’re the only HR employee in a huge construction company, fixing a broken onboarding process is just one task on a long list.
A new interactive learning platform, BambooHR® Learning is a place to discover and experience everything BambooHR has to offer.
Check out this month's edition of the 30/30 to see how we've improved in the last thirty days!
At BambooHR, we believe employee experience is the foundation of a successful business, so much so that we’ve created an entire podcast about it.
Hiring 4 min
Lori Guerra, senior executive assistant at The Training Assistant, shares how BambooHR® helped her simplify hiring and centralize employee data.
BambooHR's Employee Experience Week will include conversations during a Day of Coaching, methods for optimizing employee communications, & a weekly podcast.
Shondell had seen the difficulties physical therapists face in the business administration aspects of private practice, so he set out to create something better with BambooHR.
Check out this month's edition of the 30/30 to see how we've improved in the last thirty days!
2020 was a doozy, but these BambooHR customers found innovative and creative ways to guide their organizations through the chaos. Check out their success stories for a little 2021 inspiration.
In her HR Virtual Summit 2020 keynote, Amy Frampton, head of marketing at BambooHR, explores several aspects of improving the employee experience with examples from BambooHR customers. 
Bad attitudes at work are harmful to employee morale and productivity. Find out how to effectively manage negativity in the workplace today at BambooHR.
We're excited to have Amy Frampton as the new head of marketing at BambooHR. Here are some of her thoughts on customers, culture, and the BambooHR Way.