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Which HR Superhero Are You?

May 11, 2018

HR professionals like you are often the unsung heroes of their organizations. Some may not notice the great work you do each day to make your organization better, but we know how heroic you really are.

Like this quiz? Try our infographic on what kind of boss you are!

So, consider this your official invitation to don the cape and embrace your inner HR superhero. Take the quiz below to find out which alter-ego fits you best. (Masks not required.)

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Tori Fica
Senior Copywriter

Tori Fica is a copywriter for BambooHR, the leading HR software solution for small and medium businesses. Through research, analysis, and writing, she creates content to help HR professionals think and plan more strategically. Her focus is on taking complex ideas and in-depth research and turning them into clear, digestible pieces of content.