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Onboarding 4 min
Most people truly want to learn, grow and improve themselves. If you provide opportunities, you play a key part in their success and happiness at work.
We're excited to announce a completely rethought and redesigned BambooHR iOS app for iPhone and iPad! Our primary goal is to focus on the experience.
HR Insights 4 min
We’ve compiled a list of FREE online classes to give you the HR Development you crave and will help you strategically increase your value to your company.
HR Insights 7 min
Here are some simple ways to ensure employees follow policies and procedures without HR having to babysit or badger them.
HR Insights 4 min
48 percent of buyers are still using manual processes for their HR software needs. We all want to be more efficient and effective in our jobs.
Onboarding 1 min
Personal connections at work increase happiness and productivity. A personal connection reduces anxiety when employees ask for help. Learn more now.
HR Insights 3 min
HR shouldn’t be an afterthought. Most companies aren't too small for HR. It’s one of the most valuable positions to be filled in a growing company.
Hiring 3 min
Seventy-nine percent of job seekers use social media to find a job. Don't discount social recruiting as a viable opportunity for finding your next employee.
When work is overwhelming employees can just pack up & run away. And they do. Here are 5 ways to keep stress from negatively impacting employee retention.
Here are 4 reasons why you should take a similar approach and celebrate your company’s founding: telling your story gets people invested, inspire great work
Because our workplace has changed, performance reviews must change. Leaders know now that their companies’ success depends on employees.
HR Insights 5 min
Execs want leaders in HR management who can be better business partners. Here are 5 HR strategy tips for how HR professionals can be more strategic at HR.
Hiring 2 min
Here are some LinkedIn mistakes applicants cannot do on LinkedIn: Add people willy-nilly, stalk companies, ignore privacy settings, lie about a skill,
5 employee engagement strategies for HR to ensure employee success. Overcome one of HR's biggest challenges by improving employee engagement with these ideas.
Benefits & Comp 1 min
If you try not to let personal problems seep into productivity, it's nearly impossible. We encourage all of our people to take Financial Peace University,
HR Insights 2 min
Do you really even like driving to work? Instead, gather a few of your awesome coworkers and carpool to work. Here’s why:
HR Insights 5 min
The Walking Dead is a story about people in a zombie apocalypse & has taught invaluable leadership lessons. Here are 11 that really resonate:
Each of the decisions we make in HR impact every person in the company. That’s it’s vital we have the tools, like HR reports, to make decisions effectively.
Hiring 3 min
Here are 7 ways to conduct job interviews in a way that makes applicants feel like they’re having a conversation with a friend, not deflecting questions.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
With greater payroll transparency, suspicions of unfairness are put to rest and employees are motivated by raise prospects. Learn more now.
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An HR system is more than just features. You need software that is intuitive and is so beautiful and easy that people can't help but adopt it.
HR Insights 1 min
5 ways HR Professionals can improve employee emotional intelligence. Read to learn how about how emotional intelligence impacts work performance.
Onboarding 3 min
Your employees will know they made the right decision in choosing your company. If onboarding continues, you’ll find greater ROI on your new hires.
HR Insights 2 min
What happens if the zombie apocalypse happens while you’re at work? Here are 6 people you’ll want on your team to ensure long-term work & survival success.
With BambooHR's ACA Tracking feature, you'll track all of the information needed for reporting to the IRS in 2016 and we'll also “catch up" your tracking.
Benefits & Comp 8 min
Companies that effectively appreciate their employees see greater ROI, productivity, and success. Here are 25 creative benefits to help you achieve that.
IBI Group deploys its international engineering and architecture talent in a timely way. BambooHR helps IBI run accurate skills and capacity reports.
HR Insights 2 min
Startups need people with good attitudes who take pride in their work and find meaning. If employees truly care about the big picture, then it is their job.
HR Insights 3 min
You have an opportunity to get more mileage out of your efforts to recognize employees. That’s why timing has to be just right. Here are some ways to do it.
A responsive, friendly customer support team and an HRIS system that makes it easy for Vino Farms to retrieve information as to enter it.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
There’s no doubt that increased healthcare costs are painful to employees. In our recent study, we asked employees who they blame for the increased cost.
Customer NES selected BambooHR because its intuitive interface requires little to no training. Employees now receive automated training reminders.
Onboarding 2 min
Your employees might be having buyer's remorse if your HR department and recruiters aren’t aligned. Fix it by onboarding. Join us for a webinar on March 12!
Hiring 4 min
Using these 6 simple strategies, you can hire the right person every time: look outside traditional channels, be transparent and screen applicants.
Before you give up hope on a disengaged employee, it’s worth it to try and re-engage them. Try motivating them, setting goals, listening and making changes.
From a recent survey by Software Advice, 62 percent of employees are “significantly more engaged” in their work if their company offers a succession plan.
Onboarding 1 min
Don’t forget about onboarding employees just because you hired them internally! Here are a few important to-dos for internal onboarding.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
HR knows details about the Affordable Care Act. But your employees have no clue what’s going on with their healthcare—especially with all the ACA changes.
It’s important to establish a culture of happiness at work. This not only fosters happiness but increases productivity and decreases employee turnover.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
Here are three ways you can get creative with time off that allows your employees to actually use it: reward, give mandatory holiday or pay for time away.