BambooHR: A Great Company to Work For

December 30, 2013

utah businessHave you ever had a job that filled you with dread? For your sake, I hope not. I once had a job that I hated so much that I ended up doing it all night long (in my nightmares) and then awoke the next morning to continue at it all day long. Most of us can say that we’ve had to stay at jobs we didn’t love at one time or another—for any number of reasons. What I learned from a little experience is that it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn’t be! There are places all over the world where leaders are trying to make their workplaces somewhere their employees actually want to be! There are 35 companies right here in Utah (that’s where we are) that have made it a top priority.

We’re excited to announce that BambooHR was selected by Utah Business as one of 2013’s Best Companies to Work For. It’s an honor to be included with 34 other awesome companies, such as amazing local giants AtTask, O.C. Tanner and CHG Healthcare.

It’s obvious that leaders of all of these winning companies have put a lot of effort in making their companies a great place to work. Each company was selected after completing a two-survey process—both by anonymous individual employees and an HR/Corporate department. The factors that determined these places truly are great places to work were: benefits and compensation, opportunity for growth, culture and management.

We at BambooHR feel lucky. We don’t drag our feet when heading into the office (or to our home-office for those of us who work from home) each morning. We’re excited to see what the day has in store and hope we’ll make a difference once again. And we love to see how BambooHR grows as each of us plugs along, doing what we do best.

For a sneak peek behind the bamboo curtain, watch our video about just how great it is to work at BambooHR.

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