Kids Art Contest

August 27, 2013

Whether we like it or not, our jobs have a big impact on our lives outside of work. And when you’re a ‘family first’ company, kids can be a great indicator of how you’re doing.

A while back our Systems Genius (IT Guru) came home one day to find his son had worked up a new logo for BambooHR – complete with bamboo shoots and complimentary shades of green.

Other cases of bamboo-ing started popping up too. The COO’s 6-year-old daughter loves pink, but will often pick out green things, “…for Bamboo!” she says.

Another bambooligan, only two years old, says “acchoo…bamboo!” every time he sneezes. And of course, the panda has become a household hero for other employees’ kids and a main attraction when they come to visit mom or dad in the office.

kids love the panda

This sort of enthusiasm inspired us to create more ways for our families to get involved, and one of those ways was to have a little friendly art contest for the kids. We had a great response, and are excited to show off their talent and creativity.

You can see all the entries on our Facebook page.



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Brenton Williamson

Aspiring filmmaker living in Provo, working with great people at BambooHR. Mountain biking is keeping me from becoming rich and famous.