BambooHR Launches New Languages

April 2, 2013

The team members here at BambooHR are on a quest. You see, we love our customers so much that we’re striving every day to give them the #1 HR experience in the world. Today marks a huge step in reaching that goal. Check it out.

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We have customers in over 25 countries and, while we already support tons of different currencies, we decided it was high time we made BambooHR available in multiple languages. And the beautiful thing is, it’s ridiculously easy! Each employee or manager with BambooHR access can change their personal view to whichever language they want (English, French Canadian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, or Dutch).

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Brenton Williamson

Aspiring filmmaker living in Provo, working with great people at BambooHR. Mountain biking is keeping me from becoming rich and famous.