OneLogin FREE Plan for Bamboo Users

November 7, 2012

Today, we present to you, the OneLogin for BambooHR Free Plan! This gives Bamboo customers a simple and easy way to connect their Active Directory or LDAP Server to BambooHR. The plan includes:

  • Instant On – OneLogin’s zero-config Active Directory Connector that can be installed in minutes with no server restarts or firewall changes
  • Single Sign-On – OneLogin uses SAML to sign users into BambooHR eliminating password fatigue and the risk of phishing
  • Reporting and Analytics – See valuable data about application security and usage
  • BambooHR on your iPad – Enjoy secure, one-click access to BambooHR from your iPad
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Use OneLogin’s free smart phone app or a pre-integrated solution from RSA, SafeNet, Symantec or VASCO

As more and more of your employees start using BambooHR, identity and access management becomes increasingly important. Maybe you need (or want) a way to automatically provide new users with access to BambooHR with their existing network credentials. Or deprovision BambooHR access if an employee leaves your company. The key is being able to connect your existing directory infrastructure to BambooHR, which is now easier than ever thanks to our partnership with OneLogin.

To learn more about the plan and to sign up with no obligation, please visit

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Brenton Williamson

Aspiring filmmaker living in Provo, working with great people at BambooHR. Mountain biking is keeping me from becoming rich and famous.