Product Update

August 23, 2011

We wanted to share some info about several fun updates to BambooHR (because amazing human resource software never stops getting better!).

This time around, updates include:

  • PTO Editing/Deleting
  • PTO Days vs. Hours
  • Hide birth date from email alerts (year)
  • Percentage Field
  • Active/Inactive in search dots

PTO Editing/Deleting
BambooHR now allows you to edit and delete time of requests and manual adjustment entries.  To do so, go to the PTO tab and click on the “Type” of time off that the request or adjustment to be edited is tied to.  Locate the line item that you would like to change, and click the “Edit” link to adjust the time, or the trash can icon to delete the entry altogether.  Currently, only the amount of time off can be edited.  If other details need to be changed, such as the date, you can delete the line entry and re-create the request or manual adjustment.  Note that accruals and carryover entry lines made by BambooHR are not available for editing.

PTO Time Units (Days or Hours)
We are excited to announce that the option to track time off is available in both “Days” as well as “Hours.”  If you would like to have your time off tracked in a day format, please contact Support with the following information:

  1. Name of the time off “Type” to be changed to days (i.e. Vacation, Sick, etc.)
  2. Name of any policies associated with the time off type (i.e. Vacation policy)
  3. Number of hours that are equal to one workday for your company

We will then adjust your time off information for the “Type” and “Policies” to reflect a day format rather than hours.  Please note that all Policies must match the time off Type in regards to the time units used.  In other words, if the Vacation Type is changed to days, then all policies that are tied to the Vacation Type will also need to reflect a day format as well.

Email Alerts Update
Any email alerts displaying the birth date of an individual will now exclude the year of birth in the notification.  For example, if a custom alert was created in regards to the birth date of a dependent, the month and day would be included in the alert, but the year of birth would not.

Percentage Field
A new Percentage field has been added.  This field will display on the site with the numerical information and the percentage symbol together.  Additionally, when exported through the reporting feature into a program such as Excel, the Percentage field information will function in that program as a percentage number.  To have a Percentage field added to your BambooHR account, please contact contact Support.

Quick Search Feature Update
The Quick Search box will now display a green dot next to an employee name if they have an “Active” status, and a gray dot beside the name if the employee is “Inactive.”

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