Updated PTO plus custom company logos

October 8, 2010

Even more exciting stuff to share this week.  And lots more to come very soon!

We’ve received several requests to update our time off tracking with some needed functionality.  We also felt like we needed to make it even easier to use, so we went to town and made some nice changes (and more will follow).  Here are a few highlights:

  • The summary of balances has been simplified to show just the balances.  Simple is good.
  • We updated the way we display the history of earned and used time off.  It looks like a familiar check register with easy-to-scan columns for additions and subtractions to the time.  But it’s better than a check register because we actually balance it for you!  You’re on your own for your personal finances. 🙂  To view the history, click the name of the time off type you want to see and the history will appear below.
  • We enabled a filter by year so you don’t have to view all the years jumbled together.
  • You can now view the request history too!  And from the request history, you can adjust or cancel requests if the date for the request hasn’t already passed.  If the status of the request is a link, that means you can change it.  Just click, make the changes, and save.
  • Administrator and Account Owner users now have the ability to add or subtract time to balances.  Click the little arrow on the row of the balance you want to change and then click “Adjust Balance”.
  • Employees can also adjust their requests or cancel them, similar to the way an Administrator would.  The main difference is if an employee makes a change, it goes through the same approval process that a brand new request does.

New PTO tab

Lots of good stuff on the PTO tab, so check it out!  If you don’t have PTO enabled on your account, please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll get it added for you.

Also, you can now add your company logo to your account to make it even more personalized.  Combined with the custom color scheme feature, your account can look extra snazzy and you can reinforce your brand with the folks that make it all happen anyway…your employees!  Here are a few examples of the possibilities:

Numara Custom LogoOrange Soda Custom Logo

Pretty sweet, right?

Update: To upload your own company logo, go to Manage > Company Logo.  The image file should be 250×50 pixels wide and should be on the same background color as your header background color.

We sure hope you like the changes.  We are having a blast working on these and other great things that will be coming soon.

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