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Simple Ways to Boost Morale

May 18, 2010

Employee morale is a vital – but often overlooked – element of a successful work place.  High morale can improve efficiencies, create more pride in one’s work, strengthen teamwork through bonding and increase productivity.  Enhancing employee morale can be fairly easy and inexpensive, so why is it missing in so many offices across the world?

Let’s talk about some of the simple ways morale can be boosted.  In an article by wiseGEEK, they talk about how most people like to feel appreciated. Appreciation can be shown by writing a thank you note or simply saying “thank you for your excellent work!” or “you’re awesome!” wiseGEEK goes on to say “It is a grave mistake on the part of employers to only interact with their workers when there is a problem.” I fear that this is the case in many companies. Nobody likes to be noticed only when something goes wrong. We should learn to praise in the good times and constructively criticize when necessary. Whether in private, at employee meetings or recognition lunches, make sure to tell those around you how great they’re doing.  Reward incentives are another way of showing gratitude for someone – give them a gift card, movie tickets or a cash bonus.

Another way you can help improve employee morale is by promoting team camaraderie and encouraging social interaction. These go hand in hand. You can put together team building exercises or have social events such as office barbeques or basketball games. Let departments decorate the office for a holiday and make it a competition – this will create enthusiasm. Also, staff meetings that include everyone should be held at least once a month.  It is important that everyone feels like they belong, it will help motivate them to come to work every day.

Creating an atmosphere that people want to be in is another thing you can do to enhance office morale.  Post inspiring quotes, add décor, paint the walls if possible – the physical surroundings can have a huge impact on one’s productivity and happiness.  Also, if it’s within budget, bring in food for everyone. Whether it’s bagels for breakfast once a month, an occasional pizza lunch, supplying snacks in the break room or having holiday potlucks – food can go a long way.

Annie Suh writes in her article, “Office Morale Boosters: 5 Best Ways to Improve Workplace Culture” that employees “thrive when their emotional and intellectual needs are met.” So challenge them, utilize their skill sets, recognize them and trust them by giving them more responsibilities. There are so many small and simple actions that can be taken to improve employee morale and can produce amazing results. Take a look at what your organization is doing (or not doing) and take some steps towards creating high employee morale today. We know you can do it!




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