Reports Made Easy: Updated Reports Section

May 13, 2009

We’ve made some nifty changes to the Reports section. It’s easier than ever before to create and manage reports.

To start, we redesigned the Reports main page.  Before you had to select the report and the decide on a number of filters.  Now you can simply run the report in one click.  It’s also much easier to see all the available reports.

We’ve divided the reports into two groups:

  1. Report library. These are the default reports that we’ve created for you.  We’ll be adding more reports to this group over time.
  2. Company reports. These are the customer reports you’ve created.  You can create as many as you want.

Next, we  moved the filters to the actual report.  So, let’s say you clicked on “Compensation” to view the report for the whole company.  Now, while viewing the report, you want to see just the Syracuse office.  Simply change the Location filter, click update, and there you go!

We eliminated the Manage Reports page.  Everything that use to be there (edit, duplicate, delete) is now available on the main Reports page.

Finally, we changed the flow of adding, editing, and duplicating a report.  After adding or editing a report and clicking “Save”, we take to right away to view the report.  No extra clicks needed.  When duplicating, we make a copy of the report and take you right into edit mode so you can make the changes you want.  Click “Save” and you’re viewing your report.

The goal here was to save clicks and make the creation and viewing experience more pleasant.  We hope you like the changes.  Please let us know what you think!

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