Another day, more new features!

February 17, 2009

I’m grateful that our customers share their ideas about features and functionality they’d like to see in our service.  It’s a great help to receive feedback as we continue to improve things.

Here are the latest updates released today:

Wage and job history
Wage and job historyThe pay rate, pay type, and job title fields have be combined into a new table format that makes it easy to see at-a-glance an employee’s wage and job history information.  Recording a pay increase or promotion is super easy.

Report: Last salary increaseNew report: Last salary increase
Tied to the wage and job history feature is a nifty little report titled “Last salary increase”.  This may be helpful for companies during annual review time or if the boss just wants to see where everyone is at right now.  It shows the previous pay, the current pay, and the date of the increase.

Sortable reportsSortable columns on reports
This was one of those features that should have been in there from the get-go.  It became a necessity very quickly as we used the service (yes, we eat our own dog food).  Reports are sorted A-Z by employee last name by default.  And now you can click a column header to change the sorting.

Export reports as a PDFExport reports as a PDF
Some reports either need to be shared in a way they can’t be edited or they need to look prettier than an Excel spreadsheet (no offense to the accounting and finance types!).  We’ve made your dreams come true for both cases. You can now export most reports as beautifully formatted PDF documents.  No need to thank us, we’re just here to make you the star. 🙂

Direct reportsDirect reports
We’ve made it quick and easy to see who reports to whom.  If an employee has one or more employees reporting to him or her, then a list of those employees will show up on that manager’s Job tab.  And each of the employee names are links so it’s easy to jump around to another employee record.




Two thumbs up for fantastic human resource software!

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