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Technology is not the ONLY Solution: Bust the Three Myths about HR Technology that Keep HR Transactional, Disempowered, and Longing for Radical Transformation
Strategic HR Tina Robinson Nov 08, 2018
Do you want more investment and support for your HR technology initiatives? Do you want to get out of the HR weeds and help drive business strategy? Do you want both? If so, join us for a rousing discussion about what HR technology can, can’t, and shouldn’t do. We will dive into the benefits of a strategic vision and business case for HR technology, and how it can help you achieve your desired ROI from your program. And we’ll have fun exploring how HR can avoid shiny object syndrome and stay true to what really matters with humans at work.
Presenter Tina Robinson
About Tina Robinson
Tina Robinson is changing the world by empowering radical engagement at work – as a consultant, teacher, and coach. She is founder and CEO of WorkJoy, creating happier places to work from the inside out, partnering with leaders from diverse organizations to unleash the potential of their humans, including Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Fox Corporation, LRW, National Wildlife Federation, Spin Master, and Spotify. Most recently, Tina held sales and operations leadership roles within SAP, a multinational technology corporation, and for SuccessFactors, a global leader in workforce management solutions. Prior to SAP Tina specialized in strategic transformations as both an internal HR/organizational development leader and external consultant. Tina graduated from the University of Virginia and earned her MBA from the University of Michigan. She teaches leadership classes at Loyola Marymount University, volunteers with international nonprofits, and is a sought-after speaker, most recently featured at LinkedIn's Talent Connect conference. She lives in Los Angeles.
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