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We're the wizards behind the curtain.

To put it simply, we aren’t like most other engineering teams. You won’t find anyone living at their desk to meet a deadline or sifting through a mile-long backlog of bugs. Why? Because we take the time to do things right the first time instead of putting off problems for the future. The result? A beautiful, reliable product that truly makes a difference in our customers’ lives. And a team of engineers, IT pros, and QA specialists who actually like coming to work.

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What do we do?

Release code continuously.

Continuous integration is our middle name. We work together to build, test, and release high-quality code at a rapid rate—over eight times a day on average (our record is 18, but who’s counting?). This means we’re able to find bugs faster and fix them more easily while still pushing out an incredible amount of new code.

Keep work at work.

Our rapid release schedule helps make sure that every member of our team has a life outside of the office. Crazy, right? Because we don’t build up code between infrequent releases, we have more room to focus on quality in the moment. After-hours issues are rare, and when they occur, they can almost always wait until morning. As important as our work is, we don’t think it should trump every other aspect of our lives. 

Ensure quality and security.

We’re more than a pretty interface. Because HR data is highly sensitive, we take security very seriously. Not only that, but we also understand that security is a continuous objective, not a trophy to be achieved and put on a shelf to gather dust. That’s why we hold to a zero-bug policy: when there’s a problem, we fix it immediately instead of putting it off until next year.

Work as a team.

We all know that no matter what team we’re on—whether it’s Darth Huggles, Tacocat, Grease Monkeys, or Rogue Squadron, to name a few—we all belong to one big team, working toward one big goal of making BambooHR (and each other) better. So when someone finds a bug, we all pitch in. When someone has an idea, we're all ears. Together is our favorite way to work.

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Open Positions

Recruiter Darrell Hunt
Darrell Hunt
Principal Talent Acquisition Partner

The engineers at BambooHR enjoy total autonomy working on our award-winning product. We are hiring because of growth, not to backfill positions, and I can confidently point to our minimal turnover as proof of that fact. Unlike some companies who see these teams as always on-call, BambooHR’s firm belief in work/life balance is very appealing to our engineering candidates, and I love talking with them about it.