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Get insights from the BambooHR leaders on developing your workplace culture, growing your business, translating HR initiatives into a positive employee experience, and so much more.

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HR Insights 8 min
HR Insights 8 min
Learn how HR can make a difference in their organizations and help employees manage the unique workplace stress they're facing during COVID-19.
Editor's Choice 7 min
Ask an HR Expert: Connecting Data and Strategy
We ask Cassie Whitlock, director of HR at BambooHR, how she uses HR data from BambooHR to inform and execute our people strategy.
Most Popular 5 min
HR for Small Business vs. Big-Business HR [Infographic]
The perceptions surrounding HR in small businesses versus those in larger organizations make all the difference. Here’s why.
In Depth This Week 5 min
Everything You Need to Know About E-Signatures 
Switching to e-signatures can save your organization time, money, and effort. Here's everything you need to know to implement electronic signatures.
Tools & Resources 3 min
Do People Hate HR? [Infographic]
A BambooHR survey asked 1112 small and medium-sized businesses about the impact HR has in supporting their most important business goals.
HR Insights 5 min
BambooHR is launching a new podcast series, What Happens at Work, about the employee experience and what it’s really like in the wild world of work.
At the core of our company philosophy is the importance of valuing and supporting the people who make us successful—not only our own employees, but also our customers.
HR Insights 10 min
Hear from BambooHR CEO, Brad Rencher, on HR’s role in creating great opportunities for employees and job-seekers during The Great Resignation.
We take a look back at season one of BambooHR’s podcast, The Era, and dive into the importance of putting people first in the era of employee experience.
Kent Goates, BambooHR CFO, explains why financial health is just as important to employee experience as physical, social, and mental health.
A strong employer brand not only helps you attract and retain the qualified talent needed to better serve your customers, but also makes your overall brand more attractive to consumers themselves.
In the software startup world, it’s rare and refreshing to find leaders who have put people first in their effort to create a successful company. Meet Ryan Sanders and Ben Peterson, co-founders of BambooHR!
At BambooHR, we believe employee experience is the foundation of a successful business, so much so that we’ve created an entire podcast about it.
BambooHR's Employee Experience Week will include conversations during a Day of Coaching, methods for optimizing employee communications, & a weekly podcast.
With the recent challenges causing to employee mental health suffering & decline, HR professionals can help to mitigate problems and improve the workplace.
BambooHR CEO Brad Rencher explains why employee experience is central to business success and how to shift perspectives.
Up to half of executive transitions fail. BambooHR CEO Brad Rencher shares his insight and lessons learned to buck this trend.
In her HR Virtual Summit 2020 keynote, Amy Frampton, head of marketing at BambooHR, explores several aspects of improving the employee experience with examples from BambooHR customers. 
Brad Rencher celebrates one year as CEO of BambooHR, and what a year! He shares lessons learned as a leader during the pandemic.
Start planning now for your return to the office and eventual return to normal business for a smoother transition.
We're excited to have Amy Frampton as the new head of marketing at BambooHR. Here are some of her thoughts on customers, culture, and the BambooHR Way.
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We gathered interviews on what CEOs look for in an HR pro to help HR pros get insight on getting the executive buy-in they desire.
Conflict management at work is often a task for HR professionals. Learn how to be more effective at conflict resolution in the workplace from these experts.
Brad Rencher has joined the BambooHR family as our new CEO. Here are some of his thoughts on the path forward for the organization.
As we welcome Brad into the BambooHR family, we clear new pathways for our future and create incredible opportunities for our people and 16,000 customers.
Discover the challenges HR experts have identified with implementing cultural change in an organization and how to overcome them.
HR experts weigh in on how HR can coach management and executives and establish management coaching from the beginning of an employee's journey.
We've asked 25+ HR experts to weigh in on the best employee benefits. Discover what company benefits & perks you should offer. (Pros & Cons Included)