Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | January 2020

January 30, 2020

Maybe you’ve heard that old saying (paraphrased a bit): make new marketplace partners, but keep the old; one is silver and the other’s gold. Well, in the BambooHR marketplace, they’re all gold! We added six top-notch integration partners to our marketplace last quarter, each carefully selected to set you free to do great work. Which one will you add to your BambooHR experience?

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With Gifted, you’ll never forget an employee’s birthday or work anniversary again. You can sync basic information from BambooHR like birthdates and work start dates, and Gifted will automatically send employees a gift to celebrate these important days. Plus, employees get to pick their own gifts from over 120 of the leading retailers in the U.S., so they won’t have more unused gift cards taking up space in their wallets. 

LinkedIn Talent Hub

LinkedIn Talent Hub is powered by LinkedIn’s more than half a billion members, so you are empowered to make smarter hiring decisions with tailored insights every step of the way. This ATS allows you to source, manage, and hire all in one place. And once a candidate is hired in LinkedIn Talent Hub, you can seamlessly send the new-hire data to BambooHR to start creating a new employee record.

Reflektive Engagement

Reflektive provides you with user-friendly tools that make it easier for employees and managers to work with each other. You can set goals and track your progress and access conversation starters designed to improve one-on-ones, all from the Reflektive dashboard.  


Employees often need access to HR and payroll documentation like proof of income for an apartment application, proof of employment for a background check, or an immigration letter for a visa. But gathering and sending this information can eat up a lot of HR’s valuable time. With Truework, employees have access to any employment and income information they need. And your HR and payroll team can add or edit templates and make them available to all employees on-demand. 


Make company training easier to administer and more effective by integrating Traliant. Their video production team creates high-quality, interactive videos that keep your employees engaged. Their videos are compliant with all state and federal regulations and can be easily customized for your organization. Traliant even revamps their Sexual Harassment Prevention course every year so employees don’t get bored seeing the same training video over and over again. 


If employees at your company travel regularly, you need TravelPerk. It allows you to view, track, and manage all of your company’s travel data in real-time. Your employees can easily book travel for themselves with access to transport and accommodation options, preferences, and loyalty points in TravelPerk. Need to make a last-minute travel change? TravelPerk’s 24/7 personal travel assistant will take care of you and your people. 

Our new partners aren’t the only update to the BambooHR Marketplace. We’ve also reworked and updated our apps marketplace tiers. We love and appreciate all of our longtime partners, and wanted to highlight the integrations that are most utilized by our BambooHR customers. Want the full details? Find them here.

Learn more about these partners and others at the BambooHR Marketplace today!

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Danielle Cronquist

Danielle Cronquist is a copywriter for BambooHR. Her six years as a professional writer are supported by a degree in English with a minor in editing. At BambooHR, she focuses on creating content that gives people the tools and knowledge they need to do great work and create great workplaces.