Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | July 2019

July 15, 2019

Bust out those leftover 4th of July fireworks, because we have some celebrating to do. This quarter we added not one…not five…but eleven new apps to the BambooHR Marketplace! Some of them have created entirely new categories: assessments, video interviews, financial benefits, and compensation management. While we think BambooHR® is great on its own (and we hope you do, too), the experience only gets better with integrations from our partners. Help us welcome our dazzling new arrivals:

New Partners July 2019


Predict on-the-job coding skills with Qualified. This pro partner app integrates with BambooHR to easily connect coding assessments to any job opening and more easily find the best of the best candidates. Coding skills assessments from Qualified use language-specific testing frameworks that resemble actual programming in your organization’s codebase. Not only can you use this app for recruiting, but you can also use it with internal teams as a professional development tool.


Replace your out-of-date organization chart with a real-time collaborative chart from Pingboard. With our pro partner Pingboard, it’s easy to keep your team in the loop on what’s happening now and allow management to plan for what’s ahead. You can also keep your organization connected with a customizable employee directory.


According to research from Gallup, the main reason why employees leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated. If you don’t already have a culture of recognition at your company, Applauz can help you out. Applauz is free-to-use software that helps you engage, recognize, and reward your employees. Employees can give peer-to-peer recognition, ask each other questions via an integrated polling feature, share workplace stories, and redeem recognition points in your program’s rewards marketplace.

AppsCo Inc.

Imagine a blissful world where you only have to memorize one password to access everything you need online. With AppsCo, that fantasy can be your reality. AppsCo is an identity and access management solution that helps SMBs securely manage employee and customer access to company resources. With one centralized dashboard, you’ll have seamless, single sign-on access to BambooHR and all your other business applications.

Universal Background Screening

Universal Background Screening allows you to easily request and track the status of background checks. With this app integrated into BambooHR, requesting a background check is as simple as moving a candidate to the “Send to Universal Background” status. Universal retrieves the background and verification information for the candidate, and all you have to do is confirm and submit, eliminating a potential bottleneck in the applicant screening process.


Spice up your interview process with Jobma. This integration allows you to replace traditional phone screening with pre-recorded and live video interviews with candidates.. A video interview allows your hiring team to get to know candidates better without the barriers of time and location, and because Jobma is mobile-friendly, users get the same experience no matter what device they’re on.

Interview Mocha

Assess candidates for IT and domain skills, coding languages, cognitive abilities, and more with Interview Mocha. Your hiring managers can view assessments, track a candidate’s test progress, and view summary reports of a candidate’s assessment results in the BambooHR Applicant Tracking System. Interview Mocha can help you make better informed, data-driven hiring decisions.


Need a unique benefit that will entice current employees to stick around and encourage potential employees to sign on? LoanBenefits allows your organization to help employees pay off their student loan debt. They’ll help you design your own LoanBenefits program and manage payments on your employee’s loans to hundreds of banks. With one in five Americans carrying student loan debt, this is sure to be a benefit your employees will be excited about.

Ability Smartforce

Ability Smartforce is a workforce management tool for healthcare organizations (hospitals, EMS groups, physician groups, medical centers, nursing homes, hospital groups, or any shift-based enterprise or facility). This 100 percent cloud-based and fully mobile scheduling app can save you from hours spent on phone calls managing schedules, and it saves money by preventing unnecessary overtime. Employees can also easily sync their schedules to their personal or work calendars and get notifications directly to their smartphones.


When was the last time you assessed your employee compensation strategy? With Payfactors, you can access reliable, HR-sourced market data for free. In addition to pricing any job in any location, you can join Payfactors’ free community and connect with fellow HR pros.

Backgrounds Online

Create custom background checks and initiate the process directly through BambooHR with Backgrounds Online. Your organization will be assigned a dedicated account manager who familiarizes themselves with your specific needs and workflow.

Visit the BambooHR Marketplace to learn more about these and many other valuable integrations from our partners. 

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