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Product Announcements

What’s the latest with BambooHR®? What new features have we added? Who’s who in the BambooHR® Marketplace? Find all that and more in Product Announcements.

BambooHR product update. Soon offering a pie graph to employee stats for our product. Now it will be much easier to keep track of a variety of employees.
BambooHR Product Update | Customers can now track employee job history using BambooHR software! HR software that keeps getting better!
Introducing BambooHR power edit! Customers can now edit multiple fields for multiple employees at the same time. HR software dedicated to saving you time.
BambooHR News: Owner Ryan Sanders offers insight on a better way to track employees using BambooHR HRMS Software. HR software that's always improving.
It's easier than ever before to create and manage reports. Before you had to select the report and the decide on a number of filters. Now you run the report in one click.
This week we received feedback from one of our great customers: "Have we told you guys that you rock? Cuz you do!" We work hard every day to make our customers happy.
Now you can put a face with a name...employee photos are here! On the Personal tab for each employee, there is a placeholder for an employee photo.
Want to be alerted when an employee's training is up for renewal? You can now set up email alerts for training, birthdays, and employment anniversaries. We have five alert types in the alert library.
Here's a little peek at what's around the corner: Email alerts, Background check tracking and Employee photos. This stuff is really going to be sweet!
We've worked hard to add some great new features: Expanded benefits section, You are "welcome" to change your password and Quick menu. There's a lot more to come.
We were visiting a potential customer today and he introduced us to his co-worker like this: "Hey, these are the guys that are going to save us $4,000 a month!"
Our customers share their ideas about features and functionality they'd like to see in our service. It helps to receive feedback as we continue to improve things.
A potential customer said, and I quote, “This is so much better than Oracle, you do not even know dude.”
A potential customer said, "Oh-my-gosh-this-is-amazing-I-love-it! Let me tell you why this is going to be so fabulous." Woot Woot! For an HRMS that's robust and affordable!
We are always working to add new features and refine existing ones. Today, we launched another update to our service. Here are some highlights:
We'll be posting updates to the product here as well as tips, resources, industry buzz, and other thoughts and ideas relating to HR software, business, and life.
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